The Brief.

The owners of came to us because they needed help with content. Their writers were falling behind and weren’t coming up with any hot topics to write about. They also had no clue how they matched up against their competitors in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Basically, they were flying blind when it came to their search engine optimization results.

The Plan.

First thing we did is set them up on the right course with content. Our writers selected hot topics and niche specific subjects to write about. Using Google Trends we were able to pinpoint what will get the results they were looking for.  We wrote and delivered the content on a daily basis for their internal team to upload to the site. After a few months, we provided them with weekly charts that showed how well the articles were ranking in each of the major search engines. We added a few of their competitors to the tracking campaign which provided them with insight on who’s outranking who.  Overall, they were ecstatic about finally being able to see how their search engine optimization efforts are performing. Oh yeah… they love our content too!

Skills Used.

Content Writing: 100%
Search Engine Rank Tracking: 80%