The Brief.

A local division of Subway sandwich shops hired us to increase foot traffic in their stores and create a social media presence.  Due to competition from other fast food restaurants, they found sales to be stagnant year over year and realized something had to be done.

The Plan.

After some quick analysis, we noticed they had zero social media presence. So we created social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.  Our designers whipped up some really cool Facebook covers and Twitter backgrounds to represent the brand.  Then our social media managers went to work on creating engaging posts that targeted their local area. We increased their Facebook fans from 0 to 300 in a matter of weeks.  We also implemented a text marketing program to increase their market reach. Setting them up with a Point of Sale Kiosk and sending out weekly text only deals enabled us to increase sales by 12% within two months. Another happy StafflessSEO customer!

Skills Used.

Social Media Management: 100%
Text Message Marketing: 80%
Design Services: 70%