The Brief. approached us to design their website.  Being a brand new business, they needed to stand out above the other real estate text marketing companies on the web. They wanted something eye catching with an easy to navigate feel. Calls to action were very important so we took that into consideration.

The Plan.

We supplied them with a questionnaire to fill out with ideas on how they wanted the site to look and function.  Unfortunately, they didn’t provide us with many details so it was left up to our web designers to come up with the perfect website. It took us only two concepts to seal off the deal and get started on the final design. The result was spectacular. We incorporated a storyboard banner to illustrate how their system works. Then we made sure the calls to action content and buttons were placed in the appropriate positions to maximize signups.  We also created a killer logo that has become part of their brand marketing. Overall, this website design was a huge success for them.

Skills Used.

Web Design Services: 100%
Illustration Design Services: 80%
Logo Design Services: 70%