The Brief.

The continued growth of WagBrag.com’s popularity required them to seek out new content writers who are well versed in the pet industry. They stressed to us that exceptional English grammar is needed and the writers really need to understand the topics they are writing about.

The Plan.

Since all of our writers are based out of the USA and are screened for proper English grammar before being hired, we had no problem meeting their requirements. We have two writers on our staff that were previously veterinary technicians who love pets so it was easy for them to write engaging content. We assigned these two writers exclusively to the WagBrag account and they have been producing outstanding content that enabled them to rank for their target keywords. WagBrag also uses our blog management service to alleviate the tedious task of uploading content, adding images and optimizing meta data to increase SEO effectiveness. We built a very strong bond with WagBrag.

Skills Used.

Content Writing: 100%
Blog Management Services: 80%